Friday, March 4, 2011

Drawing is hard

Trying out some new brushes for inking. Opened up flickr to get some inspiration, and one of the first images was my buddy Eric, making a weird face. I didn't do a very good job of conveying his expression, but it's something like...slightly comical thoughtfulness. Something that is always kind of difficult for me is capturing the angle of someone's gaze. For example, here it looks like Eric is looking directly at the camera, but in the original photograph, he's looking slightly up, as if he is thinking, or in mid-eye-roll.

Also, you might notice that the whole thing looks slightly stretched, vertically. It's because I was seated back in my chair as I drew it, so I was looking at the paper from an angle as I drew. When I finally moved to a position where I was looking directly down at the drawing (too late to start over, of course), I realized it was a little funhouse-mirrored. This happens to me way too often.

Ink in sketchbook; tinted in Photoshop


  1. I would kill to see a walk-through or speed painting of you making this or your next piece.

  2. How do you do that speed painting thing? I feel like I lack the know-how to set it up.