Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Green Lady Killers

Logo art I did a couple years ago for spooky garage band The Green Lady Killers. I didn't spend much time with the whole band, but Katherine was really cool to work with, and they put on an awesome show. If you're in Phoenix, go check 'em out!

Old Stuff, By Request

This is an old one, a piece I did by request from my pal Matthew Moore. He asked for two guys grappling, sitting on the shoulders of two other guys -- but I think my favorite part is the olive branch casually being extended by the guy in the lower right. I'm a little embarrassed at how Craig Thompson-y this drawing is -- I think I had just read Blankets at the time.

My friend Drew Gilbert asked me for a picture of an armored monkey fighting Dane Cook. I guess Dane had a joke about that, or something. I hope the monkey wins. I also hope this drawing looks more like Dane Cook to you than it does to me.

The totally batshit concept of an "eel-rangutan" came from...I believe...Ryan Greene on LiveJournal. An eel head on an orangutan body would have been even weirder, I bet.

Molten Brothers

Here is some stuff that I've done for my good friends Kenny Richardson and Mike Goodwin (a.k.a. the Molten Bros.) over the years. They are both terrific guys and are making a lot of awesome stuff happen in the Phoenix art scene. Kenny likes comic art, so he would often have me do comic strips based on these two scruffy guys who are supposed to represent the Molten Brothers (although Mike and Kenny look nothing like this). Deck was a collection of skateboards painted by lots of awesome local and national artists. The concept here was that the guys get caught stenciling a wall and then they have to face this big ugly cop. I like the maniacal grin in the last panel.

Click on the image to see it BIG!

This is the postcard I did for our first "Meanwhile..." show, a collection of comic-inspired artists at the 515 gallery. Kenny took the photograph, which was a local bus stop, and I illustrated over it. It's funny when I look back on stuff I colored digitally around this time, because I had this super dark monitor, so all the finished stuff looks waaaay too light.

Here's the strip from the postcard for the second "Deck" show. Definitely gotta view this one full-size to appreciate (this thumbnail looks terrible)...

And last but not least, the Molten Bros. logo. I really like how this looks in three colors. I'm not sure if Mike and Kenny ever put this on a t-shirt, but they probably should:

Sunday, February 1, 2009